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Panza Llena, Corazon Contento

I never truly comprehend the subject of my writing until I sit at my desk, inviting my heart to speak. Today, it yearns to delve into how Jesse and I bonded over food, using it as a profound metaphor for our marriage. Admittedly, it might seem like a stretch, but allow see if I can unpack this for you.

This weekend, we were invited to brunch by our friends, Olea and Sheresa. To say our time together was amazing is an understatement. We laughed, and we listened. And that made me think...

Food, much like our marriage, knows no boundaries. Or as my Husfriend says, "Panza llena, corozon contento." Translation: Full belly, happy heart! Individual ingredients, distinct and diverse, come together in harmonious union, pursuing unity. That is pure joy! It makes the heart happy. Just as food transcends culinary boundaries, our marriage seeks seamless fusion, blending his masculine and my feminine energies into a potent sauce that breaks down barriers and ignites collaboration.

ingredients for pico de gallo
bowl of onions, cilantro. limes, tomatoes and peppers

Savoring Similarities

Jesse and I yearn for that delightful blend of support, understanding, and compromise - much like a well-synchronized kitchen dance, where we have each other's backs as friends and business partners. The culinary world has taught us that success lies in complementing each other's strengths and working as a team.

Diversity is the key to our thriving food truck and flourishing marriage alike. We celebrate each other's uniqueness, just as we blend flavors from different cultures and experiences. We don't copy, and we don't compromise. Our willingness to explore new ideas, experiment with unconventional recipes, and embrace novel business models has not only garnered accolades but also strengthened our bond.

Of course, like any kitchen, we've faced challenges. However, our unwavering commitment to surmounting hurdles together has transformed obstacles into stepping stones, showcasing the strength of our love and dedication.

Here's to all the marriagepreneurs, whether in the food business or not, seeking the same seamlessness that Jesse and I have found in both our marriage and food truck venture.

Let's come together around the table and each other, savoring the flavors of the world, and celebrating the beautiful truth that, much like love, food knows no boundaries.

We are not better than other partnerships; we are just different from. We are married.

P.S. If you like the stories I share, I hope you'll read more in my new book "How God Used a FoodTruck to Build My Marriage" ...coming soon!


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