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High Stakes, High Reward


The stakes are high! Come a little closer as I explain why. As married business owners you’ve got double the investment in this thing. So there’s double the investment and you’ve also got double the effort going in, because there are two of you. I posted earlier about reaching for that synchronicity, that “swing” in an earlier post. “Swing” is the state of synchronicity between the oars and the boat rowing teams strive for. It’s the sweet spot that also allows you to make quantum leaps as my mentor calls it, covering more ground in your efforts than you would otherwise.

Punch Above Your Weight

I’m grateful to have Jesse by my side. He is the person who can motivate me to do hard things. He pushes me to go big or go home! He is the one I can trust to persevere with me, leaving Corporate America to start a food truck. He is the person I can count on, opening a restaurant in less than 90 days. He is the person I know who will go the distance, relocating from TX to the Carolinas and relaunching our business. He is the person I can lean into as this next new chapter unfolds. More on that later. This is the benefit of being married to your business partner. Your marriage is that extra! What I am trying to say is that none of those things were on our vision board but, as my mentor says: opportunity isn’t always convenient. And those bigger-payoff-opportunities often come at the most inconvenient times. We must stay ready, so we don’t have to get ready. We must keep our homebase stable so that we can throw ourselves fully into winning in the marketplace.

Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable

Sure, staying in the comfort zone feels cozy and safe, but real growth and progress come when you dare to step outside that zone and take on new challenges together. Embrace the thrill of the unknown, and don't be afraid to push each other to reach new heights. As you row in sync, both in love and in business, you'll find the magic that propels you forward, achieving those dreams you never thought possible. So, let's grab those oars and set sail into the unknown with passion, trust, and unity, for that's where the true "swing" lies.

Go There

I've got to share a powerful story that perfectly illustrates this idea of finding provision in partnership and stepping into the unknown. Remember Elijah from 1 Kings 17? Now, I'm not sure what specific idols the King was clinging to, whether it was money, pride, or the throne itself, but Elijah's mission was clear: to warn of a looming drought. Jesse and I, being faith-based, draw inspiration from this story.

You see, I used to be a planner, craving all the answers upfront. I'd question and analyze every step. But sometimes, life calls for us to trust our instincts and inner prompting, just like Elijah did. His second divine message about direction, protection, and provision came only after he had boldly stepped out in faith on the previous Word. Imagine that! He had no idea about the revival awaiting him, but he knew he had to go "there," to the place he was prompted to be.

It reminds me of our own journey as a couple in business. We have a vision board full of dreams and goals, but the road to get there isn't always laid out neatly before us. We have to take that leap, move forward, and trust that we've already charted the course. It may not be crystal clear, but as we row together in harmony, trusting each other and trusting the path we've chosen, provision reveals itself along the way.

So, whether you're faith-driven like us or not, the lesson holds true. Sometimes, life won't hand you all the answers on a silver platter. You've got to take that first step, go "there," and embrace the adventure with your partner by your side. The destination may not be visible yet, but the trust and unity between you will guide you through uncharted waters and bring forth the provision you need. Remember, it's not just about the destination; it's the journey and growth you experience together along the way. So, be bold, take the plunge, and trust in the partnership that will lead you to that beautiful synchronicity called "swing." 💑🚣‍♂️💕 We aren't better than; we're different from. We're married.

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