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I Did it!

Hey Marriagepreneurs! Specifically those of you who’re married and in business: this one’s for you. I just completed my first book, “How God Used A FoodTruck to Build My Marriage: Better Marriage, Better Business,” or something like that. We are so relieved and excited about this book. Man! Jesse and I think it’s gonna help so many people, and that excites us. There's an unfair market advantage when youre married to your business partner, you know? We want to help you optimize your secret sause as a unit to benefit you financially in the marketplace.

You know, we’ve spent the last 7 years working side by side with Bertha (yes, the foodtruck has a name and you better not let her hear you mess it up), trying to be as open and stay in learning mode with each other and our hearts as we have ever been, on and off the truck. We’ve also been meticulous scribes and oracles of our journey. So, we captured it all into very practical concepts for marriagepreneurs….

All of that to say, I was down a couple of days and that’s why this post is a day late. My goal (and I am putting it out here to hold myself accountable) is to release it THIS YEAR. I put it on the calendar. If I give myself any longer, then who knows? Plus, I've already started on book #2: 10 Lessons I Learned Running for Mayor in Rural America,” or something like that. I dunno how these things get their published name. It will be a book about exactly what the title says.

Anyway, for married couples in business together, trying to navigate relationship and business, we just want to recommend the book to you.

We promise you an informative read and sage advice on how to build a marriage and any business, and to win at both! We are not better than, we are just different from. We're married.

I hope I’ll be back on track next week!!!

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