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It's Not You; It's Me

The Love-Business Fusion

Ok dynamic duos in both love and business,

Here’s to things not widely discussed, but oh-so-important for us marriagepreneurs who are building our empire together. The reality is you and your partner, side by side, are pouring your hearts and souls into your shared business venture. You've got laser focus on your goals, and that's fantastic! But here's the plot twist: the path to success can sometimes lead to unexpected challenges on the connection front.

Imagine your business journey as a thrilling roller coaster ride. In fact, when Jesse asked for my hand in marriage and I said yes, he reconfirmed by asking, “are you sure you’re ready for this wild ride?” See at the beginning, you both strap in with excitement, holding hands, ready to conquer the twists and turns together. It’s an exhilirating adrenaline rush for us. We are navigating uncharted territory, and our shared enthusiasm is the compass. We're fueled by a common vision, an unwavering commitment to make dreams come true. And as we push forward, something remarkable happens – we start seeing results.

A Taste of Victory + Bittersweet Glow

Success starts knocking on your door, and it feels incredible. The long hours, brainstorming sessions, and sleepless nights begin to pay off. Your business blossoms, and your laser focus is validated. But a surprising reality can emerge amid this triumph, – you might lose friends and even family along the way.

It's not that success drives people away, but rather the almost obsessive focus you and your partner bring to the table. Prioritization in any area often means deprioritization in others. As you immerse yourselves in your craft, your time becomes a precious commodity. Those late-night catch-up sessions, spontaneous weekend get-togethers, and leisurely coffee dates might start to dwindle. Your focus is commendable, but the external world might interpret it as neglect.

Connections in the wings

To illustrate this phenomenon, consider your journey as an arduous climb to the mountaintop. You and your mountaineering spouse are scaling the heights of achievement. Every step requires strength, stamina, clarity, and an unbreakable bond. As you ascend, you cross paths with fellow climbers – friends, family and loved ones – on their own journeys.

Amidst this climb, misunderstandings can arise. They see your highlight reels but the behind-the scenes dedication might be hidden. Loved ones might feel left behind, uncertain about where they fit into your newfound success. This is when your partnership is put to the test. As mountaineers, you will need to rely on each other’s strength to reach the summit. You and your partner must lean on your connection to weather the challenge.

OK, let me try again. Think of your journey as a captivating story unfolding in a dynamic theater. You and your partner are the main characters, each chapter revealing a new layer of your dedication. Every scene is a testament to your shared goals. As the story progresses, you cross paths with other characters, each with their own narrative. They're intrigued by your tail but might not have fully comprehend the late nights and sacrifices it takes to craft each chapter. And that’s ok. Your vision is not their vision. Don't let that stop your hustle.

Communicate openly about your goals, challenges, and the sacrifices you're making together. Try to include loved ones in your journey, even if it means finding new ways to connect within your busy schedules. Share your triumphs and setbacks, allowing them to see the dedication that fuels your actions. Caveat: if they’re not interested, save your energy, and let them be uninterested. How they respond to decisions you make when it’s in your best interest reveals whether they love you for you or for what the relationship does for them.

Shine, Shine, Shine

Remember, your journey isn't just about the destination; it's about the memories you create along the way. It's about the development. Your laser focus will lead you to success, but your relationship is the compass that guides you there. It's okay to become consumed by your craft, but always make room for your love to shine through.

So, to all you power marriagepreneurs in the thick of it, hold onto each other tightly. After the Creator, you’re each other’s lifeline. Like the sailors who conquer rough seas and find their treasure, you too will find that your shared success is the treasure that no storm can steal. And always remember, we’re not better than, we’re just different from. We are married.

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