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Navigating Stormy Seas

Hey there marriagepreneurs! Listen, last week was a crazy, unpredictable week. We had a major equipment failure and were missing key personnel. Everything was out of whack. I guess it’s just par for the course. But none of that stops the show, right? I guess you can say marriage and running a business can be kinda like sailing a ship. It's all about sticking together through thick and thin, facing challenges head-on, and seeking treasure on the horizon. But sometimes, the waters get rough and stormy, making you wonder if you should turn back. Well, in this post, we're diving into why it's super important to keep sailing forward, even when things get chaotic, and how this relates to your business journey as marriagepreneurs.

Setting Your Sights on Distant Shores

Imagine you're on a ship with your partner, sailing towards a far-off island where you believe there's buried treasure. Now, imagine a huge storm hits, and everything's rocking and rolling. It's easy to get scared and want to give up. But here's the thing: that island with the treasure represents your big dreams for your business. When things get rough, it's easy to focus on the crazy waves, but remember, the treasure's not right here – it's way out there. So, by sailing through the storm, you're actually getting closer to your dream treasure.

Avoiding the "Right Now" Trap

Picture this: you've finally reached that treasure island, but suddenly, another storm hits. It's so tempting to think, "Ugh, this is way too hard. Let's just go back." We relocated our business before the pandemic. What should have been a 15-hour trip turned into 8 days! In preparation for our move, we transferred all funds from a regional to a national bank. As fortune would have it, our personal vehicle broke down along the way, and we had to replace the transmission. Welp, it turns out that national bank had no presence in the state our truck broke down in so we could easily access the funds. It was so frustrating! The storms were battering us. We were so close but still not there yet. Turning around felt like the right thing to do. But that's like turning around right when you're about to uncover the treasure chest! In both your marriage and your business, short-term problems shouldn't decide your long-term decisions. Just because the seas are wild now doesn't mean they'll always be. Don't let a momentary storm steal your chance at a shiny, bright future.

The Power of Teamwork

You and your spouse are like shipmates on a grand adventure. When the stormy waves start crashing, that's when your teamwork skills really shine. You both have unique strengths, just like crew members on a ship. By combining your talents and working together, you can steer your ship through even the craziest storms. Just like in your marriage, where you help each other through tough times, facing business chaos together makes you a stronger, unstoppable team.

Adapting like Chameleons

Imagine you're sailing towards the treasure island, but the map you had isn't quite right, and you hit some unexpected rocks. What do you do? You adapt! Think of it like chameleons changing colors – you change your plan to fit the situation. Being flexible and open to change, even when things get wild, is crucial. Just like you adjust in your marriage, your business journey might need some adjusting too. And guess what? That's totally okay!

Wrapping It Up

So, here's the deal: when chaos and uncertainty hit your business ship, don't let it sink your dreams. Remember, you're not just fighting for the "right now." You're sailing towards that dream treasure on the horizon – a successful business and a strong marriage. Storms will come and go, but your unity and determination are like your anchor, keeping you steady. Embrace the crazy as a chance to grow, adapt, and sail closer to that treasure you've always dreamed of. Smooth seas or stormy waters, you've got this! We aren't better than, we're just different from. We are married.

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