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Resilience: No Pain, No Gain

Welcome to today's blog, where we dive deep into the art of handling failure in the world of entrepreneurship. If you've ever been on this rollercoaster, you know it's not for the faint of heart. I've dedicated a significant amount of time addressing these matters to enhance our resilience. Here's the rationale: while we're not under scrutiny for our successes, we face relentless and severe judgment during challenging times. That's precisely why we need to master this aspect. As Jesse and I reflect on our 7-year journey in business, we're well aware that some mornings you wake up and just want to stay hidden under the covers. There are moments when the path forward seems uncertain, almost tempting us to consider standing still. Those times when the challenges seem insurmountable and the weight of it all feels like quicksand pulling us down. It's precisely these moments that call for an advanced readiness plan - a strategic approach to facing adversity as marriagepreneurs.

So, why the need to prepare in advance? Our pastor's wise words come to mind: "You can't resist an enemy you're not ready for." Think back to our previous discussions about the circle of trust - those individuals who guide and support us. These are the allies we must include in our readiness plan. You see, in moments of pressure, our decision-making can become clouded, and in seeking short-term relief, we might unknowingly sacrifice our long-term goals.

Burning Love

I once posed a question to my coach and mentor, a query that brought about what he playfully calls a "SPICY!" response. It's that instant where the Holy Spirit convicts you, leaving you both shaken and stirred, knowing it's for your own growth. His words hit me like a gut punch, but it was a good kind of hurt. "Maybe God wants to see how you handle failure," he said, his words echoing in my mind.

As I pondered this idea, I realized it was true – perhaps the Lord wants to witness our response to failure. It's a concept that lit a fire within me. "Maybe the Lord wants to see how I handle failure?" I questioned and contemplated. I sat with that thought, inviting the Holy Spirit to offer insight each day.

And here's what I discovered: Our ability, as marriagepreneurs, to navigate adversity and pain reveals volumes about our maturity. Rather than yielding to challenges, we work through them. It brings to mind motivational speaker and hip-hop preacher Eric Thomas's words: "Pain is temporary. It may last for a minute, or an hour or a day, or even a year. But eventually, it will subside. And something else takes its place. If I quit, however, it will last forever."

Try, Try Again

We plan ahead to maintain perspective. But there's more to the story: Resilience is a process of iteration. Your capacity to weather difficulties and bounce back quickly may require some trial and error. As you trudge through the mire of mistakes, failures, and disappointments, you'll eventually find the reward on the other side. Remember, no mud, no miracle. Challenges might change you, but they won't diminish you. In fact, the more storms you face, the more equipped you become to weather future tempests.

So, dear friends, let's remember that entrepreneurship is a journey filled with moments of triumph and setbacks. Just like the way we release an arrow from a bow, it's the recoil that propels us forward. Embrace failure as an opportunity to showcase your resilience and growth, knowing that each experience shapes you into a stronger, wiser marriagepreneur. And that sets us apart. We’re not better than. We’re just different from. We’re married.

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