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The True North in Business: Prioritizing Value Over Ego-Driven Validation

Happy Hump Day or evening, depending on where you are, marriagepreurs!

I can already tell you this topic is going to streamline your spending and help you make the decisions faster. Jesse and I were discussing our marketing opportunities last week. It’s common for us to walk through performance in the various operational areas of our business in the front yard during these nice summer months, right under our big Magnolia. (Sidebar: See her behind me in the video? She has got to be 120 years old because she was already THAT huge when my great grandmother lived here! Dame Magnolia, would you be so kind as to tell me your age?)


Anyway, we got hung up on a thought-provoking topic that often gets lost in the hustle and bustle of the business world: the fundamental difference between chasing validation and delivering genuine value. Baby, don’t get out here in in this business world, and, and “Don’t Go Chaaasin’ Waterfalls,” in my 3-part harmony). You know what I’m sayin??!! We've all seen brands and individuals who seem to be caught up in the validation game: how many likes or how many shares? just seeking a name and a fast dollar? All fluff, no substance? Don’t stand up to their word? (Sidenote: a business with this mindset will always be toxic. ALWAYS! And they’ll never be a good business partner, not beside or across the table.) What Jesse and I argue is that it's value, not ego, that should be the compass guiding our spending decisions. Let's explore why valuing substance over superficiality isn't just a moral stance, but a practical business strategy that will drive your success and differentiate you in the marketplace.


We've all been there – making decisions based on what everyone else is doing or seeking acceptance from our peers. Should I maintain this membership in this organization? Shouldn’t I be at the same level as Pooty Tooty, by now? We started at the same time. It's like chasing air! Pay attention marriagepreneurs, this is why I knew I had to write this blog! **CLAP, CLAP** Your position is North! We stay above. We are not chasers. We are to be chased. We set the tone. Sure, validation might feel good temporarily, giving us a boost in ego and a sense of belonging. But here's the catch: it's often short-lived. Trends change, opinions shift, and what's in vogue today will be forgotten tomorrow. We are marriagepreneurs. We are not better than, we’re just different from. We’re about long term. We are about commitment. We are about building empires. Uuugh, this is why I get so upset when people make or put others in position to make long term decisions with short term perspective! (So, I have to make a plug here for you to become civically involved here! Decisions are being made without taking your voice into account. Those decisions will affect your business. They’ll affect your taxes. They’ll affect your way of life. If you’re not showing up, that’s on you!) This is the season of R&A (responsibility and accountability). We are building lasting altars.

Back to my original line of thought: So, if validation is what you're relying on to drive your business, you're going to be chasing and chasing… Puff, Puff. And one thing Jesse and I love to say when asked our number one piece of advice in business: “all money ain’t good money!” Trust and believe, you will pay the price for shadiness and underhandedness. The thing about these streets is everyone gets caught.

And to keep it real classy, that’s just not how we represent in the marketplace. We are marriagepreneurs. We are not better than, we’re just different from.

How will this streamline your spending and help you make the decisions faster? Easy. Ego doesn't get us paid. So, we don't pay for things that are for show. If it doesn't move us closer to our goal, it's a no.

Okay, ya’ll finish the week strong.

Next time, we are going to talk about the EGO TRAP, and I’ll leave you with 2 things you MUST do to replace ego with value in our businesses. Stay alert.

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