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Value v. Validation Pt.2

Updated: Aug 14, 2023

Hey there, marriagepreurs!

I see you’ve stuck in here with us so you must be ready for more. As promised, we will pick up on the conversation Jesse and I were having last week. We’ll talk about the “ego trap” and two (2) non-negotiables to repositioning ego and prioritizing value at the core of our business strategies.

The Ego Trap

Let's talk about ego – that little voice that tells us we're better than we actually are. The first thing I promise we will do on this blog is keep it real. So if you say that you don’t have or have never had an ego issue, the devil is a liar. Neither your homelife nor your marketplace position can be optimized if you’re not willing to tell the truth. Let’s start there. Breathe in, breathe out.

Now that we’ve gotten that part out of the way, relying on ego for business decisions can be a treacherous path. Ego inflates our sense of self-worth and cloud our judgment. When you, as a business owner, give your oath and validation on a product or service in exchange for a customer’s hard-earned money or when you become more focused on flaunting your brand without substance to back it up, cracks begin to appear. Remember this equation: Trust = time + believed behavior! That means people don't trust you just because you said it's so. And they don't trust you just because they saw you do it once. Inflated egos can lead to shortcuts, shoddy workmanship, and ultimately tarnished reputations. When you let ego drive, (bad) behavior follows. And guess what? The market is smart – it sees through the smoke and mirrors sooner or later.

The Power of Value

Now, let's shine the spotlight on value – the driving force behind businesses that truly succeed. Value is about offering something meaningful, solving problems, and making lives better. Remember Julie? She is still on my mind. (I have a link to her story below, and I've already got my cart full of new items to give away my coins to the big pink box store!)

When your focus shifts from ego-driven validation to delivering value, you're building a strong foundation. Quality workmanship, excellent service, and thoughtful solutions resonate deeply with customers. This resonance translates into trust, loyalty, and, most importantly, long-term success. I don’t know if I can lay it out for you more clearly than that.

Value vs. Ego: The Bottom Line

At the end of the day, your business or businesses exist to solve problems and provide solutions. When we prioritize value over ego-driven validation, we not only serve our customers better but also bolster our bottom line. I’m tryna get you new and repeat customers for life. True value sustains itself because it's built on genuine need and authentic connection. Ask my friend, Buzz. He joined us for luch recently. And he dropped some gems about business partnerships that let me know we're onto something!

Ego-driven validation, on the other hand, is like a house of cards – it might look impressive at first glance, but it crumbles under scrutiny. Don’t let us see you on FB getting blasted for cheating people. We love you too much for that!

The Road Ahead: Choosing Wisely

So, what's the key takeaway here? (My coach says I gotta leave it all on the court and seal with a chef’s kiss.) Let's put ego in its place and place value at the center of our business strategies.

1. Seek to genuinely understand the needs of your customers and create thoughtful solutions that address those needs.

2. Embrace quality workmanship and excellent service as your brand's cornerstones.

When customers see that you're more concerned with meeting their needs than simply validating your ego, they'll reward you with their trust and loyalty.

Remember, the business landscape is ever-evolving. There are many blue oceans to pursue. Trends come and go, but the pursuit of value is a timeless endeavor. Let's invest our time, energy, and resources where it truly matters – in crafting offerings that enrich lives, solve problems, and stand the test of time. After all, in the grand scheme of things, ego might stroke our pride, but it's value that fills our pockets in the long run. So, let's choose wisely and build something that truly matters.

We are marriagepreneurs. We aren’t better than, we’re just different from.

(Sidenote: if you're in the Indian Land area for football season, we'd love to see you soon. You gotta buy tickets though! Get them here:


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